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Feedback on finger pics wanted

I have been looking at finger picks what is everyone’s choice for finger picks
how about these The Atomic Minstrel Nickel-Silver Clawhammer Banjo Pick

Have already purchased a Blue Chip JD Crowe Thumb pick so that is covered


I’ve lately started using the Sammy Shelor picks from Banjo Ben’s store and have liked them a lot. My sevcond choice would be the nickel National NP-2.


@Luke_L thank you for your reply


gif Grab a coffee you’ll need it.

Over the past 12 years I have tried many different finger picks. I started out with Dunlop nickel plated picks (which someone had recommended) but over time I discovered that the holes had burred edges and had not been finished off properly during manufacture, each time I put on the picks they would create tiny almost invisible tears in my flesh and my finger tips would become so painful and swollen I could barely play.

I also found through time that the blades on the Dunlop’s would wear down fairly quickly, the edges of the blades would become quite sharp and I’d have to sand the edges regularly. After trying several similar budget priced picks I moved to ProPiks nickel plated picks and tried both the single bar and split bar with standard straight blade. Of the two I much preferred the single bar as it felt snug on my fingers.

After reading lots of advice from multiple sources and studying closely how pro players wear their picks and the reasons they wear them in a certain way. I finally settled on a set of ProPik Stainless Steel 2-Angle Picks. The Stainless Steel picks are a slightly heavier gauge pick to the Nickel Plate I also discovered that my skin had an adverse reaction to the nickel plating. The Angle of the blade also means that I can hit the string squarely in the centre of the blade for a much fuller sound. The tiny holes on the ProPiks are finished of well and help to keep the picks in place with the aid of natural saliva. i.e Spit

A word of caution here. Don’t lick you’re picks lick you’re fingers. gif

Check to see if your picks are striking the string properly.

You can test to see where your blade hits the strings by applying marker pen to the blade, let the ink dry then play for an hour or two, checking to see where the ink is worn. If it’s right on the edge of the blade it could be that the angle of attack requires adjusting, this could be down to your hand position or the way you pick the strings. You can also bend, twist or adjust the picks on your fingers to improve the sound or in my case use angled picks.

Earlier this year I bought a set of Sammy Shelor Stainless Steel picks from @BanjoBen 's General Store and whilst I really like these picks I have got so used to the ProPik SS Angle Picks like an old pair of slippers I reach for the ProPiks every time.

In short, my preference of picks and the way I wear them is simply that. My preference.

I encourage Y’all to find picks that you like, that feel comfortable on your fingers and the only way to do that is through trial and error.


Picking picks is a pleasant pastime, fraught with information, specifications & observations.
Generally speaking, anything with the name “Atomic” in it should be scrutinized carefully for authentic atomic application, or you could end up with an Atomic Beam flashlight.
Or worse, the complete line of Atomic Professional Haircare products, including quality Shampoo, Conditioner, Shine Oil, Spray Wax, Daily Hair Cleanse, Daily Cream Hydrate, Hair Primer, HD Spray Wax, Session Spray and much more.
I cannot speak to the pros & cons of the Atomic Minstrel Nickel-Silver Clawhammer Banjo Picks, but I am confident with more information, observations & specifications you will soon end up with picks you are happy with…
…until you start thinking about new picks again.:grin:


Thank you all for the replies I was kind of figuring it would be a trial and error thing kind of like picks for a mandolin that’s why I am purchasing a hole bunch of different kinds I figure if i do that then I should be able to figure out which one works best for me
again thanks everyone

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