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Fav Movies - TV Entertainment in the USA

Hi Guy’s

What’s all the best movies and TV entertainment happening in the USA right now? We are about 6 months to a year behind you guys. Just interested to know what’s heading our way

I am the wrong person to ask, haha. Sorry I can’t be of help!

I don’t know if you get the DIY (Do It Yourself) channel, but my wife and I really enjoy Barnwood Builders. It’s a great show… Entertaining, Interesting and Educational. Plus we love the country, old houses and barns.

“Graveyard Cars” is also one of my top favorites, because I’m a Mopar guy. I guess I lean toward programs where something is getting built, fixed or restored.

As far as Sitcoms go, it just keeps getting dumber and less responsible every year. I’d say if you’re 6 months or more behind, you don’t have much to look forward to. Most of it is just plain stupid!.. And of course every show has to somehow work in politics and try to degrade our president. That’s Hollywood I guess.

“Last Man Standing” is about the only sitcom worth watching. Tim Allen is not afraid to be different and think for himself and I respect that. And I agree with what he stands for. There are a few shows that are ok, but most of the sitcoms and many other programs are disrespectful, sinful junk where the producers and writers are trying to push their views on us and change the way we think.

These are my opinions and only that. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If someone likes a show that I don’t, that’s fine. I would respect that and would still want to be friends!

“Jeopardy” is still good too! On a good night, I might be able to answer 3 or 4 questions correctly.

To sum it up Archie, you’re probably better off to just play more Banjo!

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Thanks Jeff.

We don’t get DIY or Graveyard Car’s. As for American Sitcoms I just can’t get into them. No disrespect, I just don’t see the funny side of these shows, Now if @BanjoBen was in them I’d be splitting my sides with laughter.

I guess I am more interested in Drama, Period Drama mostly anything in the Victorian Era I would have loved to lived through the industrial revolution. I am in awe of the engineering feats that were invented in that period.

I like documentary programs, I am a big fan of Michael Palin, David Attenborough and Stacy Dooley these guy’s travel the world and visit out of the way places and provide an insight into how other folks and communities live.

A Craftsman’s Legacy has some interesting things on it.

Thanks Dave