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Faith, not works

Are you depending on you, or Jesus?

Faith, Not Works from Tulip Grove Baptist Church on Vimeo.


I’ll have to watch this later, but I know I better not be relying on me! I am in Ephesians 1-3 this week. Paul laid it out briefly but clearly there… redemption is a gift (and none can boast).

Sidenote: Every time I pause while typing this post, down and to the right it pops up a message saying “saved.” That is some remarkably appropriate coding there :wink:

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Amen Brother. Spot on and nice job.

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I just saw this and will watch it later. Thanks for posting your sermons, they have some serious meat and potatoes in them!

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I love this ! Hopefully we can see another like this video in the future :pray:

Just think if we were all sitting up in heaven bragging about how our good works got us there. Ridiculous, is it not?