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EYBM #7 - guilty music pleasures!

Calling on all Forum participants…

I am generally hanging out in the Banjo area… and have started new topics in what I like to call EXPAND YOUR BANJO MIND subjects… or EYBM -for short.

The Idea was to present fun subjects that would stretch the perceived limits of Banjo playing - in the name of encouraging inspiration in tearing down limits to foster creativity.

This time, I hope to open this up to all forum members… to get more participation! Let’s think of it as… EXPAND YOUR BLUEGRASS MIND.

As the topic states… I ask you to dig deep, purify the soul and admit to your deepest, darkest, musical guilty pleasures. The corny… the weird… the songs or groups you can’t or don’t dare play around others! :grinning:

Think of the Tommy Boy movie scene with David Spade and Chris Farley - on the road and the Carpenters comes on… each pretend to be indifferent to the song… until the next scene shows them singing at the top of their lungs. CLASSIC!

So… come clean, fess up before Easter and say it proud and strong here…

I know my fellow FORUM mates would never stoop so low as to judge…:roll_eyes::smirk:

Without further ado… mine are…

  1. Carpenters
  2. ABBA
  3. DEVO - and I saw them live in High School
  4. The Residents - just plain weird - but I like!
  5. Roger Whitaker
  6. Sarah Brightman - for those who think she is too “over the top” in classical-pop crossover. What a VOICE!

And don’t you dare roll your eyes at me… cuz I feel better now having gotten most of them out there! :wink:

Maybe… one or two more will surface… from my deep, buried subconscious

@WillCoop You’ve got way too much time on your hands Buddy. Don’t you ever play your banjo ?

Lot’s of folks over on the Banjo Hangout love this stuff Me I just wanna pick

:thinking: :astonished: :disappointed:

Excuse me for trying to have some fun on the forum.

If you don’t like, you needn’t reply…

I guess I don’t take things as serious as you, Even talking about music is many things to me… my escape… between practicing.

Though his post does read quite causticly, I think, or hope, Archie was just funnin with you. …he’s created as many or more topics that have little or nothing to do with playing as anyone here and has posted lamenting about the lack of new comedy sketches by Ben…so I’m guessing the point didn’t come across well in the typing…


Just my dry sense of humour @WillCoop

Back on track.

2 of my favorites I don’t discuss in polite company:

Weird Al
Ray Stevens

Personally, I think they’re both way underrated as far as their musical talent goes.


for what it’s worth:

Robert Cray
Johnny Winter
Benny Goodman
Manhattan Transfer
buddy guy
Albert Collins

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Robert Cray is awesome and happens to be my only claim to fame story. I sat surrounded by his band on the way to Scotland and the touring manager gave me front row tickets to see him. Guessing that was in 1999. Can’t remember the venue where he played but it was a great place.

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Archie, stop being a COF or you’re going to get gang flamed.

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And furthermore-

  1. ABBA.
  2. The Go-gos.
  3. Cyndi Lauper (One time I was driving in Ft. Lauderdale with She Bop cranked on the radio, and a guy pulled up beside me snickering away at me bouncing around to the song. Totally humiliating). I’d rather be seen naked walking out of a freezing cold ocean!

As dry as an Arazona summer. All good @Archie

Actually, It was an exchange with @Treblemaker that encouraged me to kick this topic off - so I say THANKS and CHEERS to Jack!

Emails and message posts can be deceivingly tricky to interpret, I admit, with no in-person inflection.

As I crave talking anything that involves music, I expect I will be back soon with more “offbeat” topics., be it a blessing or a curse. (Based on one’s perspective) this forum and these exchanges are treasured by me through some stressful times of late.

Selfishly, I enjoy to get to know my fellow Forum participants… beyond just the mechanics of practice drills - which is also helpful! .

So…, I also noticed you took the time to reply while conveniently side-stepping the topic… which makes me contemplate the reasons… lol.

Whatever it may be, I am sure you have your reasons… :wink:


Dare I say, I think this is a darned Good List of artists. Thanks for sharing but IMHO, hardly an artist here to feel the least bit guilty over.

Hold your head high, my friend!

Just my 2 cents…

Bing Crosby in his early days (When the Red Red Robin…)
Katy Perry back when she recorded “Firework” and earlier.
Mills Brothers back in their early years.


Jack, that Cindi story is just… Awesome!

Thanks for sharing… as my wife andI enjoy Cindi too!

Your story holds the purest essence of my reason to post.

5 Gold stars to you, SIR!

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I once saw the Go-Gos open up for the Police back in the Ghosts In The Machine Tour.

They also make my list.

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haha…don’t try mentoring to the crowd I hang with though…all but Benny plug in and he plays a horn…

Love both of em.

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In my world that stands for Coefficient of Friction. Maybe I should not ask…I’m guessing that means something else in forums.

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Mystery revealed, and no offense to anyone. Cranky Old Fart. And by the way, it’s OK, cause I’m a cranky old fart too.


Somebody has to be Cranky, makes all you guy’s that bit sweeter, but hey less of the Old Fart, I have a few years yet to learn the banjo before I go knocking on heaven’s door.:heart_eyes:

BTW with a name like Archibald I have experienced a lifetime of name calling , It rolls off like water off a ducks back.