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EYBM #6 (I think...) Who is in your current Top 3 “Go- To” artist?

Hi Y’all,

When you just have to listen to music, who is in your personal TOP 3_current_ “Go-To” artists? It doesn’t have to be an all-time fav… but what do you crave to hear at the moment? Don’t give it too much thought… just rattle off what is top of mind.

Don’t be shy… even if it might be Embarrassing… lay it all out there!

Mine are (more than 3, sorry) - based on mood:

  1. Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives
  2. Volbeat
  3. Dailey & Vincent
  4. Calexico
  5. Marisa Monte (Brazilian)
  6. Rush
  7. Trampled By Turtles :turtle:
  8. Dream Theater

Your Turn…


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Skaggs, Lonesome River Band, Tom T. Hall

Zac Brown
Nickle Creek
Maddie & Tae

Balsam Range
Darrell Webb Band
Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome

Glen Duncan
Stuart Duncan
Kenny Baker

Volume Five

Josh Turner

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Not answering the question, however, “D’s” are in rotation tonight. Next up are:

  • Donna Ulisse
  • David Davis
  • David Parmley
  • Don Rigsby

to name but a few

Bluegrass Album Band
Del M
Mac W
Nashville Bluegrass Band
Earls Of Liester
Hot Rise

Charlie Christian (fluid, imaginative, swinging lines)
Bruno Mars (joyful, soulful funk)
Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder (does bluegrass get any tighter?)
Wes Montgomery (unending imagination, a story teller)
David Grier (yikes, just yikes!)

Grier is a monster…jammed with him years ago at a festival when he played for Doug Dillard.

RUSH Rocks!

Volume Five!!!

Some people just can’t count - TOP 3 :no_mouth:

@Archie they’re putting 3…they’re just playing triplets.


Yeah man! I remember getting Exit Stage Left on tape back in 1982ish. Never looked back. I saw them a couple years ago at Jiffy Lube Live here in Gainesville, VA - they sounded better than ever. They have to be getting a little long in the tooth, right?

My first rock concert was Rush 2112 tour in 77. They opened for Blue Oyster Cult. Broome County Arena Binghamton, NY. A bit embarrassing, but I was so stoned, I didn’t know which one was which. Had a great time though. By the way, where’s the stoned emoji?

Hahaha! We might need a new section called “This one time I was so…”

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Not that many live concerts, probably under 150. Back on 75’, I hit a few Tower of Power concerts; lots of fun. I attended a pretty eclectic set of concerts over the years, from PDQ Bach to Cream, Joe Pass/Oscar Peterson/Ella Fitzgerald to Vienna Symphony (got to sing with the latter), War to Wayne Henderson. My wife dragged me to a handful of operas (not my cup of tea when sung in a foreign language) and she is especially fond of Renaissance music (boring to my ears). Once, a student bought me tickets to a Dead show (about a year before Jerry passed). It probably would have been more fun if I had hit a few times.

Anyway, it is tough picking a top 3, but certainly my top three would include Charlie Christian. I love his playing and it still turns me on 45 years after I first listened to him.


Thanks to all for jumping in and expanding. Of course, I like the RUSH comments… well, up to the point of diverting to other vices… :hushed:

That said, I have seen more shows of Rush than any other band: at least 5 times… each a treasure.

Their mega-show days are behind them, I’ve learned. Glad I shared it with my family before it was “too late”.

I enjoyed all the other entries too… and makes me want to discover some… and that was partially the point.

Next topic might be: GUILTY PLEASURE BANDS… the ones you must admit you like - but are embarrassed to do so! hehehe…

I would expect a much smaller feedback trail - but think it would be a shame cuz that could REALLY be fun!