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EYBM#4 - Banjo and

Inspired by this subject - Banjo and Bagpipe?

Banjo and Pipes… Scots in Appalachia… makes perfect sense when you stop to consider.

What other Banjo synergies - logical, conventional or progressive, come to mind?

For me…

Banjo and Ragtime

Banjo and Delta Blues


I love hearing banjo play classical music…here’s my friend Bennett doing #13, which was one of my faves to play on piano:


Bennett is excellent. I took some skype lessons from him before I messed up my right wrist. good picker and teacher.


Love me some ragtime banjo and these two young men Jesse Rock (left) and Nathan Hannah (right) are each incredible!


**I like the sound a banjo and accordion make together…when you throw one in a dumpster and it lands on the other. Bwahaha, Im kidding obviously. I know you can’t just throw a banjo in a dumpster without paying the hazardous material fees. **


OK, now I want to learn ragtime, so Ben…chop chop! :rofl:

Actually, I do have a question? Why do they rest their banjo’s on their right leg rather than center. Is their some advantage when playing this style, or more likely just how they learned. hmmmm.

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Just for you, Jake!

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Yee Haw…

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Steve 'n Seagull alternates?

Just kidding! I think it is awesome.

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Huge fan of Steve n Seagull. Hope they return to America soon.

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You just know there is beer in that fridge behind them. I’m getting thirsty watchin this. :beer:

A little Classical Banjo Tutorial - Need to get the tux out of the dry cleaners guy’s for this lesson.

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He’s really good no doubt, but the tone wasn’t that great. Clearly shows why picks are needed. Just opining.

Hi Jack it’s supposed to sound that way. That was the style, back in the day they would use calfskin vellums not fully tensioned