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I bought the “Unlock the Neck” mandolin vidoes. Each lesson was $10, and without being able to see any of them ahead of time, I bought them. I realized after paying $30 for the 3 of them, that they were not what I needed, that I already knew all the information. I can’t find anywhere that mentions any kind of exchanges for lessons. Anyone know of this? I knew when I bought them that they were beginner level, but I thought they might have information I needed. I’m not complaining about the lessons, just asking if anyone knows if you can make exchanges? Thank you.

The person to ask is Alicia. Send her an email at and see if there’s anything she can do for you.


Hi Elaine welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum drop an email to @aliciabowman at the address below she should be able to help.

Alicia Bowman

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Beat me to it @Mark_Rocka

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Absolutely you can, @elainehurst. As the folks said, just email Alicia at that address or here:

Thank you all! I don’t mean to be picky. I will email Alicia.