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Ermagherd! Learning is FUN! Just wrote my first piece of music

I have a tendency to jump around… a LOT. I’ve always done this in everything I do. Especially when I’m new at something. It’s helped me tremendously over the years to get better faster. Today was no exception.

Somewhere, I heard about pentatonic scales, and thought “yeah, I’ll get to those someday, I’m not ready yet”. Then another place mentions them, and another, and another. At this point I’m like “FINE, I’ll figure the stupid things out.”

Today was the day I sat down to just figure them out. Since my musical tastes tend towards blues and rock, I started with the minor pentatonic scale. Position 1 only.

By limiting myself to just one position, I was able to memorize it, and play it up and down the neck. E minor pentatonic position 1 is stupidly simple, so that’s where I’ve spent the most time this morning. In the middle of practice, I hit upon my first riff or lick (haven’t decided, more riffy than licky though…). So, I wrote it down.

I just wrote my first piece of music. MY MUSIC. Does that mean it hasn’t been done a million times before by others? No. Just that I had never heard it before (that I know of) and it was unique to me and my practice.

Oh yeah… this also helped me understand when why to use different timing. 4/4 didn’t fit it, but 3/4 was perfect.

You have no idea how freaking amped I am right now!!!


Sorry, forgot to add this…

I spent the last couple hours putting it together. Might be helpful to others.

Minor, blues and major pentatonic positions and a fretboard (you know… for the kids).


You seem to have too much free time on your hands. Have you ever considered taking up a hobby? :grin:


LOL! I seem to have a lot of free time because I cram something into all the little spaces. People that claim to not have time to do anything are generally full of doo-doo. Most of the time, those are the type of people that spend hours on the couch watching TV, drinking beer in the garage, after working only an 8 hour day five days a week. Those are the type of people I removed from my life years ago.

My typical work day is 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for the primary company that contracts me, and in between projects, I do stuff here and there for 10 to 20 minutes, then work on photography, and banjo, and guitar. Weekends I have more time for banjo and guitar. Don’t worry, I still fit in family time, and have plenty of time left to watch some TV at night. It’s all about priorities, and from what I’ve seen, most of the folks here have their priorities in order. That’s why I love this community. :grin:


Hi @BanJoe I fill all my FREE TIME with banjo that way I never run out of time to practice! twiddle_thumbs


nice job
I have a this filing system that eventually becomes a printed book I use for study reference and this is goign to be part of it :smiley: