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Endings in G

In this video Charlie Cushman plays an ending (2:10) I like. I’ve heard it before many times. I know the B part but what is that A part. Looks pretty basic but I thought be good to make sure with brighter minds than mine.

I also found another cool part here on this video. Go to about 1:58 to see it. Ben has done the B part before but I liked that A part enough I thought I’d edit my post and add it as well.

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Here you go, buddy. That’s a great request! Here are the tabs that accompany the videos below:
Ban-CushmanEndings.tef (1.1 KB)
Ban-CushmanEndings.pdf (46.6 KB)

Cushman Lick #1

Cushman Lick #2


Thanks Ben! These look like so much fun and will be nice to add. I have only a few variations of shave and a hair cut. They were getting old. lol.

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Thanks for breaking down how you would go into that ending. That is really helpful. Even though I know that those are the same notes my mind at this early stage doesn’t always compute that obvious information.

I watch Charlie Cushman videos like we might watch a well loved minister or read about our favorite theologian over and over again. I met him one time and he told me he had been playing for 50 years. I said I only have 48 and half more to go. Then we got a pic together because hes so short and I’m so very tall. Lol


Hi Jason

@BanjoBen has covered endings in several tutorials in his Bag O’ Licks tutorials in the beginner and intermediate sections which will greatly enhance your knowledge and playing skills.

Yes I’ve seen them. Thanks.

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Your welcome, I find myself revisiting them often. Each time I visit I seem to learn something new.:cowboy_hat_face:

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It would be hard for me to name someone I enjoy watching pick more than Mr. Charlie…such a master.

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