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El cumbanchero

Just wondering if this song will be on the future new songs to learn list?

I’m not familiar with the song, but what Sr. Google found for me was that the first release was in 1946. If a song was written after 1924 (I think that’s the year) then it’s still covered under copywrite law.

Ben’s working on jumping through all the right legal hoops to teach copywrited material, but I don’t think he’s quite there yet.

Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum Sam, As Mark say’s it copywright and it maybe a while till Ben gets round to teaching this, in the meantime checkout Ross Nickerson.

Now that’s some pickin, way beyond my skill level, good luck learning that one.


Wow… just… WOW!!!

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By the time I learn it the copyright law should be sunsetted. Hahaha. Great tune!


That’s nuts!

On the bright side, the end of that video shows you how to get the tab, so Ben won’t have to worry about figuring it out. :slight_smile:

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No fear you can give it a try, my cup is full and running over with projects. Go for it! :laughing::laughing:

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I’m in the same boat. You should see the tab project I’m working on right now.


What’s that @Mark_Rocka ?

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Is the copyright date moving forward?

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I’m thinking it’s marking time. I am sure when Ben has all his ducks in line he’ll let us know.

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