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Egg Banjo - Ben's obsession with food

I can’t help but notice Ben’s obsession with food so I thought this short video clip of some Great British Cuisine would go down well with our American Cousins, we call it The Egg Banjo, it’s no yoke. Be sure your yoke is good and soft so it runs down you cheeks and onto your brand new Banjo Ben T-Shirt. Enjoy

On that note how come Banjo Ben chose a flat pick as his new logo. Never could figure out these Texan Boys Yee Ha.


Good stuff. I like how a mandolin comes in out of nowhere in Dueling Banjos.

Now I’m hungry. :slight_smile:

I chose a flatpick because most of my students play guitar/mando…I don’t want potential guitar/mando students thinking I’m banjo-only b/c of the name. Now I’m off to cook some eggs :slight_smile:

Make sure they are runny gotta get some yoke on that flat pickin t shirt: rofl::rofl::rofl: