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Eat My Dust! (EMD)

No, no… not trying to challenge or threaten anyone here, just wondering who’s got a banjo break to this classic Grisman tune!

The group I’m working with medleys this with either the Dillards’ “There is a Time” or “Eleanor Rigby” (each one being a favorite of mine in Em).

The hook of the tune falls nicely in the melodic style around the 7th-9th frets, capoed at 2, thus playing out of the Dm shape. I’ve got a few (admittedly kinda boring) ideas for the rest of it, so I’m wondering if anyone here has ever had any ideas on playing this one!

Here’s Grisman’s classic quartet lineup shredding it-- I still can’t find a rippin’ banjo version anywhere!


Love it! About 155 bpm. Up tempo.


This one comes up about once a month at a jam I go to. So far I’ve only managed to vamp at a steady pace. Would love to surprise them with a break. Cool tune.