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Easy way to learn scales-Sharing a movable scale tool

I’ve created a tool to help me learn where the Major/Relative Minor and Minor/Relative Major scales are using the 3 movable major chord shapes and the 3 movable minor chord shapes. Each scale has the notes numbered as well as the pentatonic notes and “blues note” are included. The fret board diagram is of a G Chord (F shape) D chord (D shape) and A chord (Bar). However, they are all movable, so when you move from the G chord (F Shape) to an A chord (F shape) follow the same pattern and you will have the A scale. Same goes for the Minor scale. There are some notes on the bottom of each pdf. I’ve been using a backing track and switching among the different chord positions.Minor and Relative Major Scales.pdf (578.0 KB)
Major and Relative Minor Scales.pdf (595.9 KB)


Dude, those look great! I’ll have to dig in to them when I can sit down with my banjo.

Thanks for posting!

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Sure thing. Let me know if you see any errors. I tried putting my good eye on it. :joy:

Mike these look great, my only problem is ME I have a hard time memorizing charts. I personally have to see and hear someone play this on a banjo for it to sink in. I am sure other’s will find it a useful tool. Thank you for sharing this.

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Archie, I would try to think of it as learning a left hand pattern. Try just the pentatonic notes from each chord position. The great thing about this is that once you have the pattern down, it can be moved anywhere on the fret board. Hence, you have the all of the notes of that chord’s scale plus it’s relative minor. Give a try.

I am not able to download the PDF links for some reason. Says I am offline, but I am not.

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Doesn’t seem to work here either… :frowning:

i cant get access to the PDF’s… any chance of getting hold of them


What is your email and I’ll send directly