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Eastman MD515V

I just received my new Eastman MD515V from the General Store today and I couldn’t be more pleased! I’ve been an on-again, off-again mandolin player for about a year and a half and was feeling a need to upgrade and now I’m sure I made the right choice. @Jake you did an amazing job…the setup is awesome and it got here quickly and in one piece so thank you, sir. @BanjoBen thank you for providing such a great store stocked with great items and a huge thank you for all of your videos, this is an incredible resource. Enough typing…I’m ready to put in some work with my new mando!


Hey Alex! Welcome to the board and congrats on the new mando. I have one of those myself. It’s a fantastic instrument! I’d put mine up against other brands that cost 3 times as much.

Hope you enjoy the heck out of it and post some videos soon!

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Getting a new instrument is such an exciting experience! Congrats!

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Thanks for your kind words and support of the General Store!

Alex, that’s a nice get. I’ve had my eyes on that one for awhile. If you get a chance, post some pics of it.

And hey, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the welcome @Maggie. Here are a couple pics…