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Eastman Mandolins

Hey @Banjo_Ben, did I hear you say recently that you were gearing up to be an Eastman dealer? When do you think that’s going to happen? Some guys in the forum on the old site were really talking up theirs (Maybe a 515 model? I don’t remember.) They were saying that dollar for dollar, they thought they were better than The Loars.

Anyway, when you start selling, I’m buying.


Yep, they drag their feet a bit, but I’m on the list. They are great mandos. I’ve been really impressed with the Kentuckys as well.

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When I started playing the mandolin two years ago I purchased an Eastman MD315. I didn’t want anything too cheap to start with but didn’t want to go too expensive either in case it didn’t work out. Anyway I love it, and all the reviews spoke very highly of Eastman’s quality.


Yeah, I don’t think I’ve read any negative reviews about the 315, which is what I’m looking for. Thanks for the input!


I started out with an Eastman 515 around 8 or 9 years ago before the 315’s were introduced. It was a fine mandolin that I’d certainly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good instrument in that price range. Haven’t played a 315 but most owners seem to be very happy with them.


As a Mando beginner… Banjo novice cross-over player, I am excited to see what Ben/Jake might recommend between Kentucky and Eastman models… hopefully F-Style (my interest) at the $400-$600 range with a “Starter Kit” to include the essentials (case, Leather Strap, picks, tuner? Strings, capo, etc…)


Seems you have a line forming…