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Early This Morning

I’ll elaborate on this.

What are the things that are made?
The Pharoh
The Egyptians army men
The insects, animals, nature involved in the plague
The sea

How did these creations understand God’s power?
Towards fulfilling God’s purpose…
You (king) keep my people under bondage, you pay for it!
Insects, animals, I have created you for my pleasure, and my pleasure is that you do your part to help my people.
The sea (the nature), you need to give way for my people, obey my command.

Why so?
Cause His people needed to witness God’s power and thereby know God to fulfill God’s purpose.

@Shaky_loves_banjo, I don’t know what you posted, but we can openly discuss anything in the private thread. Maybe I’ll do a test post to make it alive if it is dormant.

Actually went to the Space center in Huntsville Alabama today, it was an interesting place.


Thanks for sharing @JKL!


It is a nice museum. Most folks think of Kennedy Space Center in Florida or Johnson Space Center in Houston TX when thinking of NASA. But Florida was chosen for safer launches over the Ocean and Johnson was the Senate Majority Leader from TX and then Vice President, so Mission Control landed in Texas due to his influence. But the space program really started in Huntsville and is still where most of the launch designs occur.


Thanks, Mark. Good to hear from you!

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Yes @JKL. When Dad was working with the team NASA stood for North Alabama Space Agency until Johnson came along after Kennedy (haha). The center of the early space race for the US was Huntsville.