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Earl's "Doin My Time" Backup lick

Ben, In Earls song " Doin My Time " on the C chord Earl does what i call a boogie woogie bounce. Twice on 2nd string twice on 3rd string. Is there any other place up the neck this can be used ? I have searched but can’t find any. I think it’s a nice backup rhythm.

Hey buddy, I’m changing this topic to the banjo category. Here’s the video. Please reply and let me know at what time code in the video he plays the lick you’re talking about. Thanks!

At 1:44 to 1:48? That is cool.

Yes Johnny is right, it is also at .34 to .38 seconds. I have the tab and know how he is doing it in the C chord. Would like to use that sound in other cords. Especially g&d if I could .

Take a picture of the tab and post it here, please.

I don’t know how. If I take the picture with my phone how do I get it to your forum?

You first click the little arrow button, then choose files, then either take a photo or choose from the gallery.



@lonewolf223 sent me the lick!


I I T T? That lick ain’t built for speed… not from me anyway.

You can also pluck 1st and 2nd strings at same time,twice, then 3rd string twice. Little different sound. I think Earl syncopated it ? I can tell a difference if i play it straight then listen to recording and put the bounce in it. Yeah , i know bounce ain’t the right word but you know what i mean.

I think it sounds better fast