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Earls breakdown (Roughly)

I had a stab at earls breakdown. Now normal I can give this a better shot than this but for some reason (maybe the dreaded recording nerves) as soon as I hit that red button my playing goes to pieces. Plus it was first thing in the morning :laughing: i’ve been playing for 2 years now. I’m by no means a great player but I keep practising with @BanjoBen help and this great site


Nice job! I know what you mean about those camera nerves. Keep recording. They get in the way a little less each time.

Thanks for posting!

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Fine job for 2 years at it!

The only things I noticed to comment on is that you might work on getting the notes more defined at the end of each roll…

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I thought that was Excellent Jon. Much better than I can play it for sure. I know what you mean about the red light syndrome. I seem to have learned to shrug that of in recent years

Who’s the bearded man looking over your shoulder?

Is it Gandalf?

Thanks all. Yes I’m trying to get my notes a bit more defined. Thats why I’ve started to record myself to pick up on things I need to improve. I still struggle a bit on the pull offs and hammer ons. I’ll keep practising…i’m in for the long hall :wink: BTW. …yes that’s a painting I did of Gandalf. My other half loves TLOTR. :slight_smile:

Great job, @jonathanplymouth!

Now see, that just… man c’mon… You just told me in another thread to not be shy and record myself. I was just getting ready to reply to you with some well thought out smart a$$ retort that probably would have included a put up or shut up type diatribe, good natured of course. But now I can’t, so thanks a lot.

Nice job Jonathan. You’re a better man than I :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben. :+1:

You can combine your love of banjo and your other half’s love of LOTR!


Cool! Haha…I might just get that! :rofl:

Same tune with different banjo. This is my old lightweight banjo. I recently made a bone nut for it and replaced the stock plastic one. The head is tightened to an inch of busting so it’s nice and tight. It has a rolled brass tone hoop. I think adding the bone nut has helped the tone. I cut the slots a bit further over towards the 5th string. The first string had a tendency to slide off the fret how it was before. I like to bring out this banjo now and then to practise with as it’s light and also a little less volume when your practising at night.
Excuse the bum notes, i keep practising and picking up tips from this great site. As this banjo has no D- tuners I had to just slide the note. Finding these Sammy Shelor picks I’m using just awesome too.


Great job! :grinning::+1::+1:

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Very nice!

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nice picking!

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Nice job substituting slides for detuning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that.

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I sub a bend and a slide when playing this

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Thanks all. I’m still hitting a wrong string now and then but working on it. :wink: