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Earl Scruggs: Birth of the Cool

Happy 95th birthday to Earl Eugene Scruggs (January 6, 1924 – March 28, 2012).

Being influential isn’t that unique. Being so influential that you define a playing style that will forever bear your name is being one of a kind.

Thanks for the music Earl.


That’s a mess o’ banjers!

Sweet! I’ve seen this before, and it’s still good! Is the blond fella who took third break JD Crowe? (He also went right after mr. melodic)

From a post on the video:

  1. Earl Scruggs
  2. Sonny Osborne
  3. Bill Emerson
  4. J.D. Crowe
  5. Sab Watanabe
  6. Eddie Hoyle
  7. Jimmy Arnold
  8. Don Stover
  9. Alan Munde
  10. John Farmer
  11. Rick Ryman
  12. J.D. Crowe (again)
  13. Earl (again) with Randy
  14. Earl (up the neck and out)

Thanks for the list. I didn’t realize there was so many “big names” up there

That was super! I was wondering g what year that might’ve been? Definitely knew it was early seventies or late sixties when those striped slacks popped up! Anyone know for sure?

According to information with the video it is from the Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival in 1971.

Having watched it a few times now I am struck by not only the obvious talent of the musicians; but also by the graciousness and kindness of Earl at the start. He seems like he was a real gentleman. It would be hard to be humble when you are a walking national landmark.


I have read some of his book. He was “in tune” to many others. When “older” people were turning their noses up at the younger gen and their music he welcomed and collaborated with them. He was open to what his sons were doing. I bet he was a good dad. Teaching his sons and not afraid to learn from them.