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Dunlop Primetone Picks

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the difference in tone and playability of the Dunlop Primetone Small picks between the “grip” and “smooth” version? I have both and I like the more muted tone of the smooth but find my single note picking isn’t as quick with it. The “grip” version I find to be quicker across the strings but is a bit brighter sounding. Would love to find a pick that gave me the tone of the “smooth” with the playability of the “grip”. Anyone know what pick Ben is using in the Amazing Grace Build-A-Break lesson? Love the guitar tone in that lesson!

I haven’t had experience with the different Primetones recently. The pick I’m using in that lesson is a Bluechip CT55:

Thanks, Ben! Great tone coming off your guitar in that lesson. I’ll look into the CT55. Just have to get over the sticker shock. LOL! Hey, the Eastman E6D I ordered from you guys earlier this week JUST showed up at the door! That was fast!! I’ll have to tell the wife that I won’t be mowing the lawn today… :slight_smile:

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Enjoy that guitar! It’s mighty fine! And, I surely appreciate your support of the General Store!

There is much discussion of this at while I have no experience with these picks, what I’ve read is that the tone difference is because the smooth picks are cut from sheet plastic, while the grip ones are molded. I would like to try the large triangles. The bluechip is a great pick but very expensive :money_mouth_face: