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Dueling banjos...?

So I’ve been looking for some tabs for the song, “Dueling Banjos” and I can’t find any good ones on the internet. I looked for a lesson covering it on this website and, again, I couldn’t find one. Is there no lesson for the song on here or am I just not looking hard enough? If there isn’t a lesson does anyone mind to give me a link for the tab? Thanks.

Won’t find one here because it’s still a copyrighted work.

I found several videos on YouTube for it. Did you check out any of those?

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I did, but I couldn’t find tabs to go with them. I’ll keep looking. Thanks

Try this

Tab here

It’s at if the links don’t work. I hope it’s ok for me to link his site, it’s all free

@Nik send me a contact message and I’ll email you tab.

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