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DTuners breakdown

This is an original composition (my second on banjo) that I literally named five seconds ago. I don’t have a banjo with dtuners either, so I used bends and slides when composing it. But it was written for dtuners (around October last year) and I finally found a banjo to play it on properly. Y’all, if you don’t have dtuners, and you can afford them, get some. They’re so fun! So this was recorded using a Samsung galaxy 7 (o think?) A Gibson mastertone banjo (idk the model) with Keith dtuners. Special thanks to the owner Mr. Jerry Flatten for allowing me to use his banjo as well as filming and picking a bit with me. This is a really fun tune to play, and I hope you like it!


Awesome Gunnar nice pickin…

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I remember you playing that. We need to get a video of you playing it with some guitar backing you up. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to bring my little tripod.

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