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Dragonslayer's Reel (original)

I know it’s starting to seem like I have a really big head only posting my own songs, but there’s only one more, honest. This is the Dragonslayer Reel (aka Saint George’s victory) and someone please confirm that it’s a reel cuz I’m not entirely sure. It’s in Am, but the B part is in A.


I’m not sure, but it isn’t a jig because I can’t go “jiggety jiggety”

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Hi Gunnar

I am no expert however this may help to explain the difference between Reel’s Jigs and Hornpipes

Just a thought as your home schooled maybe this school in England could offer you an online course where you might gain a recognised qualification. Mr Shenton is the Headteacher

Ok, thanks. I knew it wasn’t a jig, cuz I have lots of experience with jigs, I couldn’t be perfectly sure about it being a reel though, because it has lots of quarter notes and space.