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Dots in tabs that aren't dotted notes?

from Away in a Manger mandolin tab

What do the dots signify? emphasis? swing? If I treat it as a real dotted note, there are too many beats in the measure.


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Howdy @iceprincess0966! Welcome to the forum!

They are dotted notes, and I want to clarify a couple things.

First, they are dotted because of the tab software TablEdit that I use to create the tab. That software allows your computer to play the tab for you (with a midi sound, of course). The dotted notes allow the note to ring out and provide more of a realistic sound, like a real instrument.

That brings me to another important point: you do not get the total number of beats by taking all the notes in the measure and adding them together. You can have a whole note on the bottom string last the entire measure while other notes are playing on top of it. Great question!

Check this out:


I’m glad I read this, info I didn’t know.

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Is it just me or does this link take you to a Mannheim Steamroller video?

I’m with you @Bcaves

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I have watched that video 17 times now, and I just can’t put it together with the question…

I think it’s just an example of instruments playing and holding a note while other notes are being played over the same measure.


10-4, was just a joke at watching a 40 min video 17 times. :smiley:

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