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Don't try this with a banjo

It’s tough being an army veteran in Italy. Stick with it till the end and you will see what I mean.


WOW! That is incredible! I can’t imagine doing that while playing!

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Maybe this is what you do once you’ve mastered everything else on your instrument. “Yup, there’s noting I can’t do on this horn, so I just started running.”


I read a thing once where Earl Scruggs said he and his sister would start a song and then walk in the opposite direction to the back of the house to see if they were staying in time…but running, that’s a different story.

I literally can’t do anything while playing an instrument. My wife gets a kick out of walking in the room and just saying something to me just to see it throw me off.

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Man, poor tubists!

I should clarify, I don’t mean their playing is poor, I mean that must be really tiring

Hi @K_G

As an ex-squaddie I can confirm it’s really tough to march (jog) in double quick time. How these guy’s can do it whilst playing an instrument beats me. But your right, those tuba players have drawn the short straw.

I think this is really a Calvary March ( Trot ) these guy’s just don’t have any horses.


Brother, that’s me too! Lol

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Speaking as a marching band veteran, I would find it exceedingly difficult to play my trumpet at a run like that!

I saw The Boys From Indiana run onto stage already playing when introduced several times. Saw one fall & a mic knocked over at one show…they just all continued playing while the sound guy reset the mic and the downed player got up.

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I saw The Boys From Indiana run onto stage already playing [/quote]

Another excuse to post an Aggies vid