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Does anyone recognize this guy

Some of you may know already who this is, but the ones who don’t…He is a very famous Bass player in a very famous 70’s band and an extremely talented one also. Multi-instrumental…Like Ben and others here. Evedentally the daughter is NOT impressed…:laughing:

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Ooh ooh! Is it Jesus? Mathew ward? I don’t know any other people with hippie hair :thinking:

@K_G as you can tell, its definitely an older picture and NO it’s not Jesus or Mathew Ward. I am sure somebody will recognize him, if no one knows after a few guesses ill reveal what is behind “Curtain #2” for the answer. and another interesting photo I found of him.

Waylon Jennings? I heard somewhere he played bass

@Dragonslayer n ope, not even the same music genre.

John Paul Jones maybe??? Age seems to be about right and something about his eyes.

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@Maggie. Hmmmmnm…maybe…:sunglasses:

One things for sure it’s NOT @BanjoBen

@Archie “Very good Grasshopper”. it is NOT Ben.

ill give the answer in a little while. I’m betting most you are going to go “No S…” or whatever other word you wish to add.

What I want to know is, what kind of crazy banjo has a 5th string that picks up at the 8th fret?

@Mark_Rocka Boston Long Neck Deering Banjo
Not sure if this is the same Model or manufacturer.
Pete Seeger played this one also.

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@BanjoBen…maybe you could give lessons on this instrument also…
@Mark_Rocka our mystery photo contestant also played this instrument. Triple%20neck%20Mandolin
This one is for all the Mando players here.

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John Paul Jones. Although I think @Maggie beat me to the punch.

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I could be wrong but I don’t recall Pete Seeger being in the Kingston Trio. He did play a long neck banjo and he was a member of the Weavers.

@Archie I stand corrected. Misinformation online or double vision on my half.(im thinking latter). Keep me honest…

@Woodshed yes, Maggie beat you to the punch. It IS John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin fame. I am not sure if there are any songs with him playing the banjo. I know there are some Mandolin songs.But that maybe Jimmy Page playing the Mandolin.

Google Dave Rawlings Machine. JPJ plays with the band frequently. He wasn’t in the line up when they came to my home town a year or two ago. Some people say that JPJ was the best musician in Led Zepplin.

@The_Mole I will do that. Well between Plant singing and Bono on drums, Geez, JPJ and JP were amazing. It is really hard to imagine Jimmy Page as just a sessions guitarist in his early beginnings. Talk about super talented both of them were crazy good. I just bought the “Led Zepplin 50th Anniversary” book. haven’t had a real chance to look completely through it yet.

Dave Rawlings Machine is awesome. great vocals and sound,. I just got done watching some videos. JPJ plays Mando on “Going to California”. Great rendition. There are 2 videos that i found. 1 was taped from somebody in the balcony with either a cell phone or something, sound quality isnt all that good. The other one is like 7:50mins long, much better sound.