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I’ve been playing guitar for a long time and recently bought a mandolin and what a great instrument. I’d be the fist to say that I’m an intermediate player at best as I have a entirely different definition of advanced ha.

Tab is fine for beginners but the importance of ear training is instrumental in breaking free of shackles and chains. This comes from extensive listening to where you hear the chord movement and melodies and they become visible to you just upon hearing a tune. You start to hear a 1-4-5…2-5-1…1-6-2-5 movements etc and see the melody notes

Regardless of that, if you play guitar and/or mandolin look no further. To me this is as good as it gets and if you learn this everything else is a piece of cake. If I’m looking to learn whatever genre I look towards the true masters or originators

I’m constantly listening and studying this right here. It contains everything I will ever need.


I like this tune! Cool… Keeps on ringing in my ears… Wish this is a lesson from Ben unless copyright prevents it. In any case, it can be a good candidate for learning by hearing like you say/try and I guess I should be able to figure out the notes with my guitar knowledge so far and of course with technology help in slowing tempo down!

I saw “Dawg” with Tommy Emmanuel last year. From my observation, he is an amazingly selfless musician. ie. he works to make his partner sound great, and in the process, sounds great himself.

Tommy Emmanuel was, or Dawg Grisman? (Actually probably both of them)

This video posted is actually a playlist (click on the listen on youtube link to see the entire list as it opens a new tab) best I can remember around 14 tunes, the next will begin automatically in order. Probably many have already listened to the album but when you listen to the entire playlist you begin to really hear the genius of this recording. I believe Jack Lawrence is playing on certain tunes and oh my goodness does he play…I love every single tune here but everytime “What Is A Home Without Love” comes around it really touches my soul. They do a superb version!

Hi @charlie_burt, as a matter of fact, it took me to the next tune and so on automatically and then I stopped at 4th or 5th to play the 1st tune in the list again. I liked them all! Will listen to all of them.

Dawg…Tommy was the headline act, but yes, I could say that for both of them.

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I love watching Tommy play with other people, cuz he’s a very respectful player, and makes the other people shine, check out him playing with Molly Tuttle on YouTube, there’s a recent video of it on his channel

Tommy Emmanuel?