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Do youngsters lack common sense these days?


A US college student has made sure her graduation snaps are ones to remember - after posing in her cap and sash with a 14ft (4m) alligator.

Makenzie Noland is a student at Texas A&M University who will graduate on Friday with a degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences.

One would think with a degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences a student from Texas A&M University would know better than to pet a gator on the nose. What do you think guy’s Photoshop ?

Nope, an aggie would definitely NOT know better, hey, @BanjoBen?

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I think it’s definitely photoshopped. I have some friends that would try this, but this gal looks highly educated!

I bet it’s not edited. We had a 7 acre pond in front of the house and I had several gators growing up. I do have to say that they were usually gone by the time they got this size. I did have to “address” one for being too aggressive. But one in particular, name of Chomp, would let me feed him with my hand. I have some really funny stories about him.


Amazing… I cannot imagine how you get to the point of even attempting to feed a gator.

@BanjoBen you never cease to amaze me. Just as well for us Chomp didn’t chomp off you hand. Don’t you know these animals don’t know they are not suppose to eat humans but hey guess what they have been known to bite off more than the hand that feeds it.


Anthropomorphism is the word to describe it. She believes the alligator possesses human values. That guy in Alaska had the same thing going. Right up until the bear ate him. Similarly, someday she will become alligator poop.

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“address” lol. lethal injection?? You never can predict the mood of the animal. It requires great amount of faith as you can’t easily escape from within the water even when you suspect something wrong. Reminds also me of croc hunter fate.

This is quite a common problem, assigning human-level emotion and reasoning to animals. The only reason the alligator isn’t eating her is because there is some other instinct currently overriding its natural instinct. The natural instinct can win out at any moment.

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