Do you work away from home?


Do you work away from home for extended periods of time? And if you do do you take your banjo with you? I am a Capt on a Towboat that runs the Mississippi and am gone 28 days at a time. Brought mine with me this trip and am throughly enjoying having it with me.


Not anymore I am retired Woody. But you remind me of the Late John Hartford he too loved his job on the Mississippi I believe he saw himself as Mark Twain also.

Check out this documentary.


Don’t you just love the sound of those Riverboats singing the blues.


Final Encore


I’ve heard those calliope’s on the Delta Queen (retired now) and the Mississippi Queen for 40 years now. Started on the river in 1978. Still luv the sound of the Queens. They also have the Mississippi Duchess now just passed her around Natchez Mississippi the other day


I used to work nights driving a truck for Coca-Cola. There was a lot of sitting waiting for trailers to get ready, and we weren’t allowed to get out and go into the production facility (authorized clearance only), so we just had to sit in our trucks. That’s when I bought me a Deering Goodtime just to be a in the truck with me during those long nights of sitting. That was the time of the quickest progress I ever made.