Discuss the Mandolin lesson: You Are My Sunshine



This is a great one for any picker, even rank beginners! We start with the basic melody and get more and more radioactive as we go.


Ben, Do you just have tabs? I would like to practice this with standard music quotation. I am just a beginner but know how to read music and feel like it would benefit me more then just tab


Hi Amanda

If you have TablEdit it has a feature that allows you to read tef files in Standard Notation.

Open the tef file in TablEdit then click on File on the top menu, Select Options. In the dialogue box check Notation and uncheck TAB. Click on Apply then OK. You may need to Save it to retain those settings.

You can also print these out.


Good call, Archie. I just did a quick check and your instructions work in the TEFView app as well.


Nice to know @Mark_Rocka There’s a lot of features in TablEdit I have yet to figure out. I haven’t managed to work out how to get those Dynamic Volume Settings to work out on individual instruments. It seems to alter things Globally.

Basically what I am trying to do is turn up the volume on the instrument that’s paying the solo and turn down the volume on the backup instruments. Not really sure that’s possible.


I do that all the time. It’s under the MIDI menu in MIDI Options. Here’s a screen shot. The highlighted section is what you’re looking for.


You should see a separate line for each instrument in the TEF file you have open.


Hi Mark I understand that part. What I want to do is turn the volume up and down whilst the tab is playing. I know it’s possible to alter the tempo using a marker inserted into the TAB. I saw it on a TAB years ago but can’t remember how it was done. Again that was a Global setting


OK. I misunderstood your goal. So, do you want the volumes changes to be in the same measures every time, or are you trying to change them on the fly? If you just need to adjust the volume once and then play along with it, I can post some screen caps for that. I don’t think there’s a way to change track volumes while the music is playing.


Hi Mark, My goal is to have a TAB with multiple instruments playing solos one after another. Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar and Banjo. As each instrument plays solo it does so at full volume whist the backing instruments play quieter a little bit like working a single mike. Because I had seen that TAB with the Tempo changes I thought it might be possible to do something similar with the volume on the fly by creating a bookmark at the start and en of each instrument solo. I found the feature that does this for the Tempo changes it’s in the Edit Menu under Insert and although there is a feature to change the Voice none to change the volume. I’ll send you a sample via email


You can set the dynamics for each note and by selecting a group of notes you can alter them all at once. For instance if you want the mandolin break to be more prominent, select the notes you want louder and set them to FF. For softer, p or pp.


Hi Mike, I have been trying that but it’s just not working for me. It seems to work on a single layer TAB but trying to do this on multiple layers it doesn’t seem to work. I have spent a lot of time on this and I am resigned to the fact that my little project just wont work.


I replied to your email Archie. Let me know how that works for you.


I hope you were able to follow the instructions provide for the free TEFView program, which allows you to switch my tabs to notation with a quick click of a button. You can learn more about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzS9NxVuNbg


Thanks @Mark_Rocka much appreciated