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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Wreck of Old 97- Melodic Improvisation

This is my groundbreaking system for teaching improvisation on the mandolin. We start with the basic essential melody of this tune in G, then add linear scale notes, then randomize the scale notes to create licks and new ideas!

I’m still having trouble with the timing on measure 21;
Specifically the 2 full D notes followed by the eighth notes D and C leading to B. Can’t seem to hear it right even after several hours of trying. But the rest of the tune comes easy. Will this really become second nature.

Hey! Could you submit a little video of you trying to play it so I can help you? It’s tough for me to picture exactly what’s going on.

I’m new to your site so let me figure out how to do it tonight, thanks!

Wreck of the Old 97

That didn’t work…
It’s actually measure 19 and I think I’ve got it now.
Any ideas on submitting a video? I’m not on Facebook

Easiest way is to set up a free YouTube account. Upload your videos there and then copy the “Share” link from YouTube and paste it here.

I hope I’ve got this, what a learning curve for me, whew!


That is perfect timing and playing!!!

My lightbulb breakthroughs happen but they come mighty slow. Played this tune at a jam but it was still too slow and players wanted to do it in A instead (yes, not very good etiquette but it worked out better for me because…)

I messed around and found notes and realized it was the same fingering as G and was able to at least play the basic melody!

When I got home I realized that of course I can go down two strings for A or go down one string for D.

So now I can play this in 3 keys! And my speed and fingering is improving because I now practice in each of the keys.