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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: When the Saints Go Marching In- Mandolin

Wanna build solos? This lesson is for you! We’ll take the basic melody and watch it metamorphosize before our very eyes!


I love the Build a Break lessons, they may be my favorite, keep em coming for banjo and guitar! Figuring out chord progressions, melodies, and improvising are my main goals.


That’s a really good B-A-B. I will have to learn it soon.


I wouldn’t have thought of “when the saints go marching in” as a model candidate, but it is perfect with all that space.


As a proud life long Louisiana resident, seeing this song on a build-a-break got me excited. But @BanjoBen, you really need to add a “Fleur de lis” somewhere on the video with this and the “You Are My Sunshine” lessons. :wink:


You are my sunshine. ??? You mean like this @stuart.gamble


Thanks for sharing the link @Archie but I was just picking as both of those songs are so popular here in Louisiana. Those songs felt like he was catering right to my Louisiana ears. You Are My Sunshine is our state song since Jimmy Davis is a former state governor (I’m pretty sure Banjo Ben’s lesson preview on youtube led me here). I’m pretty sure “When the Saints Go Marching In” even influenced our NFL franchise name.


Always inspiring and fresh.

Another gem. Thanks for the instruction and the message that “Build a Break” lessons are to yeah a method in the framework of a song.

Personally, I know I am growing because I can “hear” these lines in my head - even to other tunes.

Now… To interchange the ideas in my head to other songs…

Say, wouldn’t THAT be interesting… to make a lesson to grabbing elements of previous lessons into a new lesson… To illustrate how lines and bars can be interchangeable.

Thanks @BanjoBen and Happy New Year 2020 - to you and everyone on the Site!


Great Ben, Very cool this song!:clap::clap:

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I love these BaB lessons. Now before I even listen to the lesson I try to imagine a break in my head and it’s getting more better (seems I need a grammar lesson too…) with each one. Thanks Ben, now I would like to request you incorporate some of the things like the Cassell Scrape and other techniques into perhaps a more advanced lesson some time.