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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Wabash Cannonball

Let’s do this one in G and employ some doublestops to thicken up the melody. We’ll start down low then raise it an octave and get up the neck.

Need a little help. Listening to the counting on the mp3’s (130 BPM and 170BPM), and looking at the tab. I am struggling to match the two together. I have tried treating the count in as quarter notes and I have tried treating the count in as half notes, which is what I think it is, but I am struggling figuring out the right time to come in. Any assistance would be appreciated. Unfortunately the solo MP3 changes the count in.


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Sorry for the confusion! Yes, the clicks/counting in the rhythm tracks are half notes. Does that help?


Come in on the beat after Ben says “Ready.” On the 210 BPM track, come in on the beat after he says “3.” When you hit it right, you’ll play the top 2 strings twice before Ben’s music starts.


Thanks for the confirmation.

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Thanks Mark. That helps.