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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: The Old Rugged Cross


This one isn’t fast, but it’s nuanced and challenging. The slow tempo still requires some lightening fast transitions that are really fun to play. And how do you beat this ol’ melody?


Ben, you’re a music genius! Simply Beautiful, Thank you from great heart Master of the Strings.


I’ll jump into this one, I love the slow songs! Excellent!!!


I’ve impressed both my wife and myself while working on this one. I may play it in church with our pastor on guitar. Thank you Ben, your site is fantastic!


You’re welcome, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


This song has a bit of everything; tremolo, double stops, and as an added bonus, it’s a timeless classic!


This a beautiful rendition of the classic hymn that has called people to the pulpit for generations. It is the first song I remember in church, as a little East Texas boy.

Thanks for posting it. :slight_smile:


This version of just guitar & mandolin has become about my favorite thing to listen to lately. .

Very inspiring for me…feeling motivated…thanks for this wonderful lesson Ben!


That means a lot coming from you!


BanjoBen… If I want to play this in G, I believe I just start on the A string instead of D, right, since C to G is 7 frets or half steps. Am I counting right?


You’re correct

You will have to modify or move up the neck for anything happening on the E string though, as there isn’t another sting above it…


Thanks, Fiddle_Wood. yeah, I figured I would have to do something with the E string stuff, :).