Discuss the Mandolin lesson: The Cassell Scrape



Thomas Cassell (Circus No. 9, Bryan Sutton Band) drops by the Cabin to demonstrate his mandolin scraping technique! This is something the pros do that is often overlooked, and Thomas does a great job of explaining what exactly is going on!


Hoooo weeee that is so so so sweet sounding. I’m just learning Salt Creek now. Once I get that down, can’t wait to incorporate the scrape. I’ll have to re-watch this is lesson 30 or 40 times I’m sure. Ben, I think it’s great that you bring in high quality guests that have wonderful things to offer. So many other instructors I think would be so full of themselves to do that. All part of the great value we get here :slight_smile:


When I saw the title, I thought, I’ve never heard of that tune :thinking: :joy:


That’s awefully tasty when he “pushes” it (taking off a beat or two depending on how you count). Like at about the 30 second mark of the demo (B part second half)… awesome. And he eventually ends up right back on the beat. I get lost just listening.

Great stuff!


me too


Convey thanks to Thomas!

Great fun playing along with this on the guitar. Can’t wait to get the mandolin fired up…