Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Syncopation Study with Hannah's Song



I wrote this song for my Sweetie and used it in the ballad rhythm guitar lesson, but many of you wanted to learn how to play it, so here you go! However, we’ll also see how important timing and syncopation is in our playing. First we’ll learn this song, then more importantly we’ll apply what we’ve learned to a simple melody (Happy Birthday) and discover how to enhance our improvisation.


What a beautiful song. What a lucky gal! I never really understood syncopation although I’ve heard about since pretty much day one of my music journey. Read a little about from time to time and watched a few videos of folks discussing it, but I couldn’t really grasp it. Your explanation / example was so simple and straight to the point. Thank you, I now understand. Applying it however is probably not something I should work on right now. Still only on your beginning videos. But, I’m excited about the fact I learnt something new from you this morning and it’s still so early in the day. Even better, I hear this syncopation naturally in my head when I’m humming different tunes. So I betcha once I get around to the lesson I’ll be a good student. (If it’s on another instrument). Thanks Ben!! And again, what a beautiful arrangement.

Butch B.


For sure! Be sure and watch the application video segment if you have not already…those few minutes are a whole lesson within itself that is good for any skill leveled player!


Channeling our inner John Denver, are we? :grin:
Very nice. Can’t wait to learn this. Hope there’s a version for the guitar.


Very nice!


I’ve had fun today playing along with the MP3s. Hannah’s song is a real delight!


Magnificent great Musical Genius. You are the best musician in the world!


Awesome job Banjo Ben! I am just learning this song on the mandolin. I have a sister named Hannah the same name is your wife pretty cool!


PS my name is Naomi I am just writeing from my grandmothers page.


Such a beautiful song! I’ve been a quiet gold pic member for some time and haven’t learned anything new in a while but when I heard this song I had to learn it! I played it with the guitar rhythm track for my cousin who is getting married in June and it made her cry it was so pretty! She wants me to play it at her wedding! I hope you don’t mind me using your backpack track to play with for their wedding. Thank you for writing this song and bless you and your lovely wife!


I’d be honored, thank you so much!


This is a very beautiful song Ben. I cannot quit playing it. When I am not playing it, I am humming it. Thanks


Wow…such a beautiful song, Ben!! I’m so glad I decided to join the website. So far I’m a kid in a candy store!!



I really appreciate the kind words. You too, @randconner and others. I love playing this song!