Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Softly and Tenderly



This is a beautiful mandolin/guitar duet in the key of G. The tab is written exactly as I performed it, with the first half being the backup I play behind the guitar solo. This song is slow, but it has some beautiful harmony voicings that I know you’ll love!


This is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. I am working on the Mando part, but need to find someone to do the quitar part.


Hi Janice

You can use the guitar mp3 tracks from @BanjoBen 's guitar lesson to practice. see link below



If you look at the MP3’s on the lesson page, there is one titled: Softly & Tenderly Guitar Only


Ben - This one really stirs something good in a person!! Would you suggest some others that have a number of chords that play like this one? Thanks for the lessons!


Thanks! On the main lesson list page, you can filter the lessons by “Gospel and Hymns” and see what others I have listed. Also check out Hannah’s Song: https://banjobenclark.com/lessons/syncopation-study-with-hannahs-song-mandolin-intermediate