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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire

This one makes your mandolin hard to put down! Shove that pig’s foot, and grab your pick!


Another great tune and lesson for the mandolin. The Brady Brunch multi-dynamic image meme is precious. Might have to sign you up for the movies. :joy::joy::grin::sunglasses:

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Lol! Nice one!:joy:

Wow, I like this tune and it doesn’t take long to pick up. In all my years I’ve never heard this; is it considered a jamming tune? I might have to introduce this one to the crowd I play with.

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I had never heard of it either but it’s gaining great popularity, resurfacing I suppose. It’s so catchy!

Sounds a lot like an up-tempo arrangement of the old Quaker hymn: “How Can I keep From Singing?”
Edit: Apparently not of Quaker origin, but adopted by them:\

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haha, I ran across this while I had the fiddle in my hand…can’t put it down now…This tune has already started a constant loop in my mind…I’m about an hour into it and can nail all the licks at a fair pace (close to the demo) , haven’t quite strung them all together smoothly yet , but I can get through the arraignment.

I see where most of the rest of my night (maybe weekend) will be spent…blaming Ben for making it available haha

Seriously…what a great little tune! Between this and another lesson I’m stoked with enthusiasm and motivation…I’ve learned a lot here, in the last couple weeks, that has broadened my playing abilities…from only two lessons…It’s great to feel good about my music…thanks Ben!


You are so welcome!

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Hi Ben. Great tune and arrangement. Lovin’ it, but can you recommend one of your own mandolin tune lessons to go with it in D major, say (Not Whiskey Before Breakfast)? I you have one I’ll be pleased to buy the lesson and put them together. Best wishes. Stoo.

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If you go to the mandolin page and click the “key of D” tag, it displays all lessons in D:;tags:key-of-d

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