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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Sharing Licks

Let’s take 5 hot guitar licks and learn them on mandolin. How come? First, they’re great licks! But second, it makes us think about our mandolin neck in a new way, and that’s a good thing!

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Ha! This is awesome! I steal from horns & steel guitars quite regularly…I’ll for sure be owning these on the fiddle!


Ben…is that a Big Mon or NF-F5S you’re playing on this video?

It’s actually an Artist series, their top of the line. I haven’t built a website product page for it yet but it sells for $6,000, and is the best mandolin I’ve ever had in the Cabin! Here’s a link to them on NF’s site:

It is for sale though I secretly hope no one buys it, haha.

I am guessing all the guitar licks have been covered in previous lessons. I actually found lick 1 in an older lesson and started learning it over the weekend. Lick 3 seems to be a variation from a lick in I am a Pilgrim. GOOD STUFF !

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I believe I’ve taught most of them over the years, though I don’t remember where.