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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Salt Creek Basic & Intermediate

That’s okay, you can keep yer floaties on at first, but it won’t be long before you’re diving in head first. Let’s start with the basic melody then creep out to deeper waters. Keep your clothes on, though…there might be kids around.

I love pickin’ this one! The second solo is the same one I taught from my living room WAY back in 2009. Enjoy!

Banjo Ben,
I would love to have a MP3 track at 170BPM for Salt Creek!

Hey! I have it at quite a few speeds, but not 170. I recommend checking out an application like Amazing Slowdowner that allows you to control the tempo. Also, please make use of the .tef tab files that allow you to play the MIDI backing track at whatever speed you’d like:

Hi Rebecca,

Once you’ve downloaded the mp3, you can use software such as Amazing Slowdowner or Audacity to change the speed of a track to your liking.

There are several available for free that you can find by doing a search.


(ha, looks like Ben is back and beat me to it)


One suggestion: after you discuss each bar or line and then play it through slowly, could you then play it at a faster and then full speed? When you play it slowly, it’s sometimes hard to hear the real rhythm of that line or lick. You do that sometimes, but not always and I find it really helpful when you do.

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Hi Rebecca, I highly recommend using the tef files with TablEdit or TefVeiw to build speed. You can set the speed to whatever feels comfortable and gradually increase the speed in increment’s. as your playing improves then once your up to speed move on to the MP3. I also use headphones setting the volume to max and the pan over to the right headphone for the banjo with the pan over to the left headphone for the rhythm guitar. I will often add a Bass TAB to help with timing and I centre the pan for the bass. In your case set the pan for the Mandolin to your right headphone or swap them around to suit your own preference. Hope this helps.