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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Saint Anne's Reel

I offer you two great solo tabs. One is the very basic solo I play first in the lesson preview, and the other is a more advanced solo that is taught in the videos below.

I may get another mandolin someday and learn this one it was a fav on guitar . right now I am concentrating on guitar .

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Yo, Ben. PDF of the 1st solo has the first measure as a full rest, it is missing the lead in.

Hmmm, it starts with the notes that the mandolin starts the solo with. What lead in are you talking about? The guitar? If so, it wouldn’t be on the mandolin tab. Also, the jamtracks come right in on the solo.

PDF I downloaded: SaintAnnesReelFirstMeasure

From video and what I hear is the second picture.SaintAnnesReelFirstMeasureVideo

Okay, it looks like the first picture is from the 1st solo PDF and the second picture is from the 2nd solo PDF, which starts 2:04 in the preview video.

In the lesson, I teach the 2nd solo, which is the 2nd solo PDF. There is not video instruction for the 1st solo, only the 2nd. Sorry, I had forgotten about that!

ah, ok. Thanks. keep up the good work!

Check out the description of the lesson beneath the video player. Thanks!

Hi Ben! Trying out the site and love it so far! The YouTube promotional video suggested there was also a lesson on how to play back up/chop chords for this particular song, but I’m not seeing it here. Is it another lesson or I’m just navigating poorly? Thanks, can’t wait to try out a couple more lessons (and ask the wife for a gold pick membership for Christmas! :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for stopping by and I’d be honored to have you as a Gold Pick member! Hmmm, I’m a bit perplexed because I don’t have a rhythm vid in this particular lesson. In my newer lessons over the last few years I do include that as part of the lesson itself in its own video segment. Sorry about that!