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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Red Apple Rag

Red Apple Rag was one of the first mandolin tunes I learned, and it’s been stuck in my teeth ever since! This is a great fiddle tune in G played in both bluegrass and western swing circles. The song, and this particular arrangement, is very scale based. This makes it easier to take the licks of this song and use them easily for fills in other tunes as well!

Is there a way to slow down the MP3 play along tracks? I can’t play fast enough for the 160 BPM but play faster than the slow play along lesson with Ben. Any suggestions?

Howdy Margie!

Yep, you can use the .tef tab files to play the song as fast as you need. You can find more about that here:

Or, you can use a free program like Audacity that allows you to slow down mp3’s:

Excellent! Thanks!

Looks like the link to the pdf is no longer available?

I just downloaded it…no problems.

Might be a browser issue…

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Yep, try another browser and let me know if you still have issues. Thanks!

Yes it seems it was a browser issue. First time I’ve had that prob on the site. Thanks all!


Hmm, I’m also having a problem downloading the PDF. I’m using Chrome on a PC. I also tried Explorer, but no luck. I really like this song!


I have downloaded this .PDF in the past; however, I just downloaded and printed the newest .pdf Mandolin lesson yesterday afternoon - and it was using Chrome on a PC.

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to hear your experiencing problems downloading the PDF file for Red Apple Rag. I too access the site using a PC and I have just tested the download using Explorer and Chrome and both methods worked fine.

In my experience PCs have a habit of saving files in folders where you least expect it so check your documents and pictures folders as well as your downloads folder.

What I do when I download a file from the site is select Save As then I select the path and destination folder. Hope this is helpful.

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Let me know if you’re still having issues, and specifically what you’re running into. Thanks!

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