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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Quarter Note Triplet Study

Quarter note triplets are an easy way to spice up your playing, and they’re easy to do once you get the feel for 'em! I’ll teach you how to feel them, play them, and then USE them, of course!


Great lesson!

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Fantastic Lesson, Thank you so much Ben, You are a complete musician, the Best in the world. Thank you so much for giving us your great talent.

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Thank you so much for breaking this down, I struggle with speed at reasonable tempos but especially approaching Monroe tempos and have been working on throwing notes out in order to keep up on something like Arkansas Traveler, this will add some sauce to my playing…awesome sauce for sure! (G-run!)

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Truly Awesome lesson! This whole lesson is great for any instrument. I gotta give this a try ASAP.

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Nice lesson. I like the spice!

I like how you addressed feel. I have trouble feeling 1/8 note triplet strums that occur for just one beat (or half beat depending on how you count)… like at about 12 and 21 seconds (best example 1:14) in the following:

I know the above is not grass, but it is what came to mind. Thile and others do similar often. I can play it slow, but I can’t feel it at speed. Anyone have suggestions other than put on my big boy pants and work it up to speed? It’s like my brain doesn’t want to break the up/down pattern to fit 3 strums into the space for 2.

Mike, I’m gonna start a new thread addressing your video.