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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Pick Exercises

It’s like Crossfit for your pick hand.

Hi there Banjo Ben!
I noticed in the last part of the triplet exercise when we do just one triplet on each string that the first note on each triplet always begins on an up stroke, whereas the other parts follow the down-up-down-up pattern. Just wanted to make sure that’s right.
It’s easier for me to alternate on that last section the same way as the other parts. Is that ok?

Thanks for a great course!

Hey! Actually, the pickstrokes alternate in measures 44-45 just like the rest of them, so you’re good to go!

Great little exercise to get the pick moving right!

I’m a week into the 30 days I decided to use this for warmup and it has helped a lot with speed, economy of motion, and relaxation already.

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