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My Ol’ Uncle Joe has gotten off his meds again, but that’s a GOOD thing! Let me teach you how to use multiple octaves in one solo, and let the open strings work to our advantage. And watch out for that Rattlesnake!


Ben on the shuffle on the opening of A and B parts, I know you are using your ring finger from the G# to the A (6-7) but when looking at the video it looks like your ring and middle finger are sitting on strings, are they? Also, you mentioned using the thumb to mute the G string. Why not just use the middle finger to mute since it seems to be there anyway? Am I missing something here?

That sounds like pretty good strategy to me :slight_smile: I have a tendency to mash down with my middle rather than just mute, so that’s why I use my thumb. What you’ve described sounds great, though.

HI guys with the long version where do you start the next round after the tune finishes like the intro vid does?


Howdy @Craig_J! Welcome! I don’t quite understand your question. To see the rest of the video lesson, click on the next video segment beneath the video player window.

I think he wants to know how to play the tune again instead of the ending
Or more accurately, he wants to know how to segway into the tune again instead of the ending


Hi guys yep Dargonslayer is correct how do I segway into the next part rather than ending?


Nice to see you join in the fun here on the Forum.

Stop by often. :+1:

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Cool, after you play measure 38, go back and begin at measure 7.

Ah bloody ripper cheers mate! :slight_smile: