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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: O Holy Night

It’s not fast, but there’s a lot going on, and the expression you put in this performance is what makes or breaks it! Give it a try this Christmas season!


This sounds awesome! And “no pick directions, you can do whatever you want” WooHoo, yer speaking my language :grin::rofl:! Can’t wait to try this one!
Thank you


Wow! You took a lot of liberties with that one. Sounds beautiful!


Thank y’all :wink:


I love this tune, I had so much fun learning it on the banjo a few years ago. camel


Now that is the type of lesson that might just get me to crack out the Mandolin


Amazing rendition.

Elements of traditional with many other textures added in. I like the increased pace and pulse of the 2 part (not sure if it classifies as an extension of the Verse or a bridge) with the strumming. The arpeggios are so nicely sprinkled in.

Truly masterful @BanjoBen - with just the right elements of dynamics, melody emphasis and touch as you elegantly weave throughout this piece.

I so want to learn this but am intimidated by the “advanced” rating.

What the heck - I simply cannot resist as I print the tab - RIGHT NOW! :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::facepunch::+1::grin:


Very nice!

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Yer back :+1:t2:!
Just do it! I’m currently wrestling with it myself and its been so much fun. Quite addicting actually :grin:! Even though I cant play it well, still makes me happy to hear the sounds of trying to get it right! Progress of a different form I guess…


Just getting started. I am feeling that the 4/4 measure works better for me as 6/8 with 4 dotted eighth notes. Anyone else feeling that?

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Hi @Simone :grin:

Yes, I am here… as I cannot stay away…

I did print it… and started… but only just started.

Ben makes it look so easy… but I love this hymn.


Never really thought that out, I reckon I’m not very technical in that aspect. I really like how those 4/4 measures sound mixed in there though, and actually look forward to playing them as they come up :grin:. I’d love to hear how everyone else interprets & plays it…


You know they actually are, but TablEdit was having a fit for whatever reason and cutting off notes when I went to make the pdf and I said to heck with it. It’s 4/4 with a tempo change, hahaha.

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Good deal. Whatever you have to do to get it to work is the right approach. I thought maybe I was missing something… (not unusual for me). I was trying to switch to 4/4 WITHOUT a tempo change (I was not using TableEdit, just a PDF) and couldn’t get it worked out. Glad to hear it was Tabledit. I wouldn’t want to be the oddball here :slight_smile:

FWIW, Tabledit does have its peculiarities, but I still love that application. It is one of my favorite app purchases that I have made.

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