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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: O Come, Emmanuel

A simple melody solo with just enough flair! It’s built as a duet with the guitar, but the solo can stand alone as well.

Hi Ben,
Would you consider posting a TEF file of O Come, Emmanuel for mandolin? Playing along with the TEF file would help with keeping the timing right for this duet.

Hey! I do have the .tef file on the mandolin lesson page. Are you looking for something else? The guitar is on the first module, but click on the 2nd module to see the mandolin tab. Thanks!

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I was just going to say it’s under the 2nd module

Sorry, I don’t know what the “2nd module” is. "The .tef link on both the mando and guitar webpages opens up the guitar .tef. Thanks!

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Hi Nancy @imhalfswede1 in TableEdit look to the top right of the screen you will see two little boxes numbered 1 & 2 Click on 2 and you will find the mandolin TAB

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Got it. Thanks!