Discuss the Mandolin lesson: No Power In The Water



Our most requested song from our bluegrass gospel album is one penned by my sisters called, “No Power In The Water.” It was one of two tunes on the record on which I played mandolin, but the only one I played a solo on. I’ve had LOTS of requests to teach the solo from the song, and I think I know why. One, it’s HOT! Two, it’s in B flat, and many mandolin pickers get a little apprehensive when tackling songs in that key. Even if you have no interest in learning the solo, check it out for some hot triplet licks in the key of B flat!


Hi Ben! I recently signed up on your site to learn banjo! I found this song on YouTube and love it. Do you guys have any chords charts or tab to learn to play it on banjo or guitar?


Yep, here are some banjo tabs for you, and thanks for your support of the site!

Ban-NoPowerInTheWater.tef (1.2 KB)
Ban-NoPowerInTheWater.pdf (97.6 KB)


Thank you!!