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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Nick Dumas: Rhythm Chop & Techniques

Nick and I talk chop–how he does it, how he doesn’t, and other rhythmic devices he loves to emply!


This was great! Thank you!

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Would love more on rhythms like this. Or just touch base more on his hammer-on chord techniques even.
Great lesson though.

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Wow that was fun!
At 30-36 sec in Advanced Rhythm: after A D E D, I loose track on the way to the open A & the walk back to D.

This would be great to get more of, demonstrating the chord progressions, transitioning into and out of solos, beginnings and endings. As Nick Dumas said, playing a mandolin in a group setting will revolve much more around rhythm than soloing. It is an important aspect that is greatly overlooked in lessons.


Thank you for this foundational lesson! When muting with the pinkie finger, is Nick muting as he releases or as he presses?

I believe as he presses.