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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Liberty

This is a really old tune with a varied history. It’s had lots of different names as its popularity spread around the world. It’s in the key of D and only has the three basic chords, so it’s pretty simple to play.

Great tune, I almost have it with a decent speed.
How do you get the jammers to know it’s ending? I know you give a nod or a foot swing, but it almost sounds like you’re going back to part A again. This is an area that eludes me.

Yes, in a jam situation there would be an understanding about when the last break has come. At that point, the band would commit to ending it, and it’s the soloist’s prerogative to end how he/she wishes. I like to incorporate the melody in the ending, at least in the first 2 bars of the ending. If someone in the jam misses the signal, they can think that another solo has started, yes. This is why it’s important to jam sober!

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I’m practicing this week and will give it a whirl on Sunday’s jam!

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